About Us

TapFun Pte Ltd is investing on the global mobile Internet market, product incubation and Software development. It currently has offices in Canada, Singapore, and China.

TapFun Pte Ltd currently is investing and incubating products in the directions of online literature, voice and video social.

Two Macro Trends

TapFun Pte Ltd was created based on two macro trends.

Emerging Markets

China's mobile Internet market is becoming increasingly saturated. Among the 8 billion people in the world there is still a large market of 6.6billion people excluding China. There is still plenty of room for penetration in the mobile Internet industries in the next 3-5 years.

Engineer Dividend

China will turn from a demographic dividend to an engineer dividend. Our aim is share with the world to export the mobile Internet mindset and engineer dividends that China has accumulated over the past 10 years to the world.

Our goal is to create support in terms of funds together with China's research and production team through incubation model.

Business incubators are also known as high-tech entrepreneurship service centers in China. They provide a series of service support by providing physical space and infrastructure for newly established high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby reducing entrepreneurial risks and entrepreneurial costs, and improving entrepreneurial success. Rate, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cultivate successful enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Providing physical space

Reducing entrepreneurial risks

Promoting the transformation

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More than just service your products...

We also actively cooperating with venture capital fund and local entrepreneurs to venture into Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.