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TapFun Pte Ltd is investing on the global mobile Internet market, product incubation and Software development.

It currently has offices in Canada, Singapore, and China.

Our goal is to create support in terms of funds together with China's research and production team through incubation model.

What We Can Help You

Our elite team will guide you hand by hand to fulfill your needs.

IT Consultancy Services

Tapfun Pte Ltd collaborates with customers to conduct a thorough fact find of their business, which allows the team to make recommendations and implement solutions that will improve operations and grow your business. Our elite team will guide you hand by hand to fulfill your needs.

Cloud Services

We will collaborate with your team to secure optimized solutions to increase productivity and facilitate scalability. Through our managed cloud consulting we provides customers with a range of customize solutions for a streamlined consistent user experience. From optimizing your information management systems, securing the right technology or safeguard your data and your business. Our team has the expertise and experience to simplify it.


Our development services focus on building new apps, migrating and modernizing existing apps. Some services are assessment services while others are for implementing your app. We build your app. We build high level of security into every layer of the solutions to protect your data and we our expert team will be there to support your every needs

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services remotely manage a customer’s IT infrastructure or end-user systems by troubleshooting and remediating issues as a strategic method for improving operations and minimizing expenses. This includes consultancy, troubleshooting, repair and handling all IT properties. This will allow our customer has full focus on strategizing their business while we handle the back end for them

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the most important IT Services for your business in this current business world. Preventing any hacks and leaks of your sensitive information and data and crucial logins details is a key factor in the current business world where information is the key to success. Neglecting cyber security will caused your data to be at risk, disruption in your daily operations and paying a handsome amount of ransom. Our team of dedicated security teams will ensure that everything stays within you.

Data Storage and Management

Data is important for all businesses in this information business world. Our servers and databases will host your company’s data. We do not only store the data of our client company but also come up with strategies and techniques that allow easy and efficient access to this stored data. As a result, the companies and businesses can focus on other areas that need their attention and efforts. The service providers will take care of all the data handling and dealing. 

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